A tri-parish advisory council is responsible for guiding this collaboration and is made up of individuals from the three parishes and their schools that include the pastors from each among other members. Cesar Marquez is the current chairperson and can be reached at (310) 890-8703 or TriParishSM@gmail.com.

In addition, there are seven action committees that serve under this council which includes Administration & Systems, Catholic Education, Communications & Awareness, Liturgy/Special Events, Religious Education & Youth Faith Formation, Adult Formation, and  Service & Justice.

The Administration and Systems Committee:

The purpose of the Administration and Systems Committee is to identify and choose practical areas of collaboration and resource sharing related to the administration and support systems of our three parishes.

Contact: Mike Mottola, St. Monica Catholic Community,  mike@stmonica.net or (310) 566-1502.

The Catholic Education Committee:

The purpose of the Catholic Education Committee is to foster the cooperative relationship of the three Catholic schools of Santa Monica.

Contact: Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson, St. Monica Catholic Community, msgr@stmonica.net or (310) 566-1503.

The Communications/Awareness Committee:

The purpose of the Communications/Awareness Committee is to create and sustain effective communication between and amongst the three parishes, their members, tri-parish council and its committees.

Contact:  Sr. Joyce Gaspardo, St. Clement Catholic Church,   jgaspardo@roadrunner.com

Liturgy/Special Events Committee:

The purpose of the Liturgy/Special Events Committee is to plan joint liturgical development and training , Patron Feast Days, and special events in which parishioners can participate to enhance our union as a tri-parish.

Contact: Dale Sieverding, St. Monica Catholic Community, dale@stmonica.net  or (310) 566-1520

The Religious Education and Youth Formation  Committee:

The purpose of the Religious Education and Youth Formation Committee is to continue Jesus’ mission to evangelize, form and nurture the faith of our children, youth, and families of Santa Monica through education, fellowship, and service.

Contact: Freddy Casillas at freddycabins@hotmail.com

The Adult Formation  Committee:

The purpose of the Adult Formation Committee is to build community among the members of the three parishes of Santa Monica while promoting their spiritual growth.

Contact: Sr. Catherine Ryan, St. Monica Catholic Community, Catherine@stmonica.net or (310) 566-1540

The Service and Justice  Committee:

The purpose of the Service and Justice Committee is to educate the tri-parish about Catholic Social Teaching, and provide opportunities for parishioner involvement.

Contact: Suzanne Verge, St. Monica Catholic Community, vergesuzanne@me.com