If you owned or leased Hyundai vehicles equipped with a panoramic sunroof, you can file a claim to get compensation. Hyundai and plaintiffs have reached a settlement to solve the case against the company. Panoramic sunroof - like all such sunroofs, failures are dramatic but quite infrequent Hello John, I don’t think there’s a particular problem with panoramic glass sunroofs generally, or Sorento’s glass roof specifically. Late last year, a recall included nearly 63,000 Sonatas because “the tempered glass sunroof panel can detach from the sunroof assembly.” Panoramic sunroofs aren’t gone from the Hyundai … Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) is recalling certain model year 2015-2016 Sonata Hybrid vehicles manufactured December 8, 2014, to August 18, 2015, and Hyundai Sonata vehicles manufactured May 28, 2014, to March 18, 2016, equipped with the panoramic sunroof option. Almost 900 Hyundai Veloster sports cars have been recalled in Australia to repair a defect with the South Korean coupes' panoramic glass sunroofs. Welcome to the Hyundai Panoramic Sunroof Class Action Settlement claim site. At approx. Audi and Volkswagen have issued sunroof recalls without NHTSA first opening an investigation, Audi for its 2012 Q5 and the 2013 - 2014 A8 and S8, and Volkswagen for its 2013 - 2015 Beetle. Hyundai Motor Company has decided to conduct a safety recall in the United States to repair certain 2015 and 2016 Sonatas equipped with the panoramic sunroof option. 7:20 am on July 24, 2014 the sunroof on my 2013 Hyundai Elantra gt with panoramic roof exploded while traveling on rte 495 in MA. Elantra owners with questions should call Hyundai at 855-371-9460. Owners may contact Hyundai at 1-800-633-5151 or by email at consumeraffairs@hmausa.com. Hyundai's recall number is 115. According to Sunroof Class Action Settlement, the claim says that the Hyundai’s panoramic sunroofs shatter unexpectedly. Deadline for claiming reimbursement for repairs, repair-related costs (e.g., rental car), or compensation for shattering: July 25, 2019. Hyundai says the Elantra GT recall is expected to begin February 15, 2019. The safety recall began during March 2013. Hyundai has also been known to have quality issues with panoramic sunroofs. I estimate 75% of … Reason for this Recall The sunroof assembly incorporates a wind deflector to help reduce wind noise in the passenger compartment when the sunroof is open. Owners may contact Hyundai at 1-800-633-5151. It sounded like a shotgun blast in the car. As previously announced, Hyundai launched a safety recall to repair certain 2015 and 2016 Sonata and 2016 Sonata Hybrid vehicles equipped with the panoramic sunroof option. Case Summary Hyundai will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the sunroof's integrity and replace the sunroof glass assembly, as necessary, free of charge. (However, if you incur a repair-related cost (e.g., a rental car) for an extended warranty repair, you may submit a claim within 90 days of that cost.) ... 2012 and equipped with panoramic sunroofs. All windows were up and the sunroof was closed. Dealerships will replace any affected panoramic sunroofs. The shade was open.