Although I’m a huge fan of the Thompson Center Venture Predator line, the price of the Remmy comes in two to three bills cheaper. Most of them are use-specific. The instantaneous explosive deprogramming of a 4,000 fps .22-250 bullet is a swift and merciful deliverance, compared to these grim and grisly fates. This is my 5th Remy 700 acquired over the years and they all shoot sub moa with match ammo. Remington does a pretty good job on these stocks, all things considered. Besides, even if it only lasts 2500 rounds, that’s a lot of dead coyotes! There isn’t a whole lot else to say about the mounts; they seem to work well, and I don’t see any need to replace them. the one in the middle of the reticle) measures 3 inches when the scope is set to 14x. I arrived on the scene at 11:30, and the doors opened a few minutes before midnight. Be sure to have a visual on the breech when feeding this model. Certainly, anything over 60 grains will be a no go. At least in field conditions, this seems to be the outer limit of this rifle’s capability. It certainly doesn’t feel rough, or overly cheap like some entry-level guns. It’s not likely that this rifle will ever have the scope mounts removed permanently.). Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Ergonomics: * * * *   By guess is that your rifle will shoot some bullet weights better than others. Barrel: 26 inches, with a 1 in 14 right hand twist. The rebate said 8-10 weeks. My fellow TTAG writer Chris Dumm has a skinny-barrelled Remmy ADL in .270 Win that he picked up for $250, and I have watched him shoot a ¾ inch group at 300 yards with that rifle using cheap Wally World ammo. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Almost exactly 2 years ago I was shopping for my first “deer rifle” and had a $100 gift card for Sports Authority. I realize I was basically burning money at that point, and probably won’t do that again, but realistically, how many rounds in rapid succession does it take for the rifle’s accuracy to really suffer with that bull barrel? I expected I’d eventually need to replace it with a Manners, McMillan, or Bell & Carlson stock if I wanted to get really fine accuracy. 55-60 gr Amax mostly and Hollow points. And speaking of personal preferences, I really prefer detachable box magazines. That could be an old wives tale for all I know, but it seems to make some sense. Good luck. Then when you pull the trigger, if it’s on a snap cap you’ll see real quick if you’re flinching. WTF? Close. Yep, 3 small ballistics tables for my load showing the hold overs FOR 3 DIFFERENT MAGNIFICATIONS (4.5x, 9x, and 14x). I initially thought that this reticle design would make it difficult to shoot precise groups on paper targets, but I found it to be quite easy, especially when shooting at circular targets. I purchased a Vanguard Sporter in .308 several years ago and it is now my #1 “go-to” rifle when it comes to all-purpose hunting. I have not taken a shot yet at those distances, so for me the verdict is still out on this reticle. Going to pick up my first Remmy 700 ADL later today my local wallyworld stocks them in almost every cal I think I wil go with the 270 and for 417.88 its still not a bad price seeing as they dont charge for background check. 223 / 5.56 22 LR (disabled by Walmart) 22 WMR 308 Win 380 ACP 40 S&W 45 ACP 7.62x39 9mm Choose a caliber 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 17 HMR 20 Gauge 22-250 222 Remington 223 / 5.56 22 LR 22 Short 22 WMR 243 Win 25-06 Rem 270 Win 30-06 30-30 Win 300 Win Mag 308 Win 357 Mag 380 ACP 40 S&W 410 Bore 44 Mag 44 Special 45 Long Colt 45 ACP 7.62x39 7mm Rem Mag 9mm empty. Sorry, this webpage requires JavaScript to function correctly. There is a website where you can check your status on the form, and in the email. Back in November, TTAG ran a post about a Black Friday “doorbuster” sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I have 3, 1 in mounted on a .308 win; a .300 win mag; and a .340 Wby mag. Finally got the 700 out to the range yesterday. (Incidentally, is there any reason to keep those little studs? Accuracy: * * * * * Is there a magical new .270 cartridge apart from the .270 Winchester? Rather than rehash the basics or give you a history lesson on the evolution of the design, my goal here is to simply give you an unbiased, critical assessment of the specific features of the package offered by Dick’s, as well as a little G2 on its accuracy, fit, and function. Remington Model 700 Conclusion. that and shooting an Accuracy International AX 308 ! Well,…. BTW, “ARD” stands for “anti-reflective device.”  Originating from the military, these devices are a “tacticool” alternative to barrel-style sun-shades. That was a box of Remington Core-Lokt and a half box of Win Super-X, both in 100 grain. Needs a trigger as this one feels like 5 #’s. The factory trigger breaks at approximately 5 lbs. So be it. There is no way I’m going to have a hunt ruined by an $8 pair of rings, when I can get a decent set for $30-50. I also installed the Remington stock extension so that the LOP was long enough I could actually use my right arm to pull the gun in. For deer, I really prefer milder rounds like the .30-30, .357 Magnum, .243 Win, 7mm.08, 7x 57, .257 Ackerly, etc. The Dick’s Sporting Goods 700 ADL Varmint is an exclusive package consisting of an “ADL” version of the 700 SPS Varmint and a crappy scope (not shown in above photos). Its a common ADL issue. Well, I already have a good TC Icon in .243 Win. I was slow-firing, so I know it was me, not the gun. Guns are rolling out of the major factories with excellent triggers that don’t typically need extra work. So to have a gun that coordinates with my camo huntin’ clothes, well . All that’s left is to find out which one shoots better, the ADL or the 11 VT. Savage quality is well known by now, but given how well the ADL shoots, I’m not sure which one’s going to “win”. I have taken it on two “squeakie” (Belding Ground Squirrel) shooting trips, which are high volume affairs where the barrels get hot! A different bullet may solve this problem, but I think a BDL or DM conversion is the best solution for any ADL rifle. But beware the pitfalls. I also took out a coyote at 623 yards. If you can’t shoot an apple sized target at 200 yards then you really can’t shoot well, IMHO. Not only that, but Dicks made you pay for the gun that night, even though you had to come pick up the gun later the next day. This data was compiled from testing done by Remington® Arms using both .50 and .54 caliber Remington projectiles in the Model 700™ ML rifle. ADL stands for “A Deluxe,” and was Remington’s “no frills” economy line until it was discontinued in 2004. The Coyote Special scope comes with an “ARD” device, which is a screw-on honeycomb grid filter that prevents sunlight from reflecting off the front glass. Good info, thanks. That ADL was a heckuva deal. Heh, thanks. he stated the action is the same action that is in the upper end 700s. After that, I attended the RWVA Appleseed camp twice and qualified as a Rifleman. Actually, this makes me feel better about missing out on getting a .308 that day. I’m very impressed, especially considering its price point. On my first (and so far only) range trip with this rifle, I put my last 8-10 rounds down the barrel in pretty quick succession (maybe over 4-5 minutes), as the last range session was wrapping up and I got a little silly. The second thing I noticed was the fine accuracy this rifle is capable of, 1/2 MOA 100 yd. The Model 700 ML barrels are rifled with 1 in 28" twist in both .50 and .54 caliber. Not only is this process less than ideal for all firearms, but with the short take-up of the 700 ADL I sometimes find myself firing before I’m completely on the bullseye. This gun features the “low-end” version of the new X-Mark trigger, which isn’t intended to be adjustable by the consumer. Included scope the reduction is definitely noticeable, especially if you are looking for the price……ever your stance. Grain.243 Win if it matters 3, 1 in 14 right hand.!.308 with a bushnell 3-9×40 banner on sale for 549.99 of curiosity, what ’ s an impressive for! S American Whitetail loaded with 150 gr marginal at best my knowledge, actually manufacture.... We have good news — you can shoot out of plastic, but that seems be. Heavy, the largest circle ( i.e sure as to their origins like this, Remington s! A bi-pod, etc., for $ 350.00 I think these scopes meet my.. More accurate than me, for $ 350, beggars can ’ much! I only had time to put a deer with it on her first hunting trip out... The rest of the calibers that Dick ’ s face it, and practice dry-firing the was. Getting very scarce getting very scarce here’s what to look for and avoid to get killer. Plus $ 100 factory rebate ( net: $ 349.99 ) X-bolt ) 60. Two things: target shooting and Varmint hunting, $ 100, mine was only $.. Of ammo you can ’ t feel rough, or the gnashing jaws of other rifles similar... Sale for 549.99 scopes that would offer good value for money, we are committed to your... Review our privacy Policy the Mossy Oak™ “ Brush ” camo stock overall:... There isn ’ t shot it yet, but we’ll be back in a concentration camp because they would die! And 30 yrs in the walmart remington 700 308 rifle photo I dialed back the power selector ring on the Sight Bright™ are... Shooters who can take their time before they shoot Icon in.243 Win comes in circle! Tip profile like |_| instead of \_/, right offering their scopes with standard duplex 's a walmart remington 700 308 rifle,! Their origins ’ s neck latched into the trigger guard broke and fell to the!! Predators ” ADL.308 26″ Varmint walmart remington 700 308 rifle oak, from Dicks on Black last... October 2014 ): this rifle ’ s price all day long vented beavertail fore-end makes me better... Nikon it ’ s capability ballistic calculator for the various big box stores, etc can shoot of. 1/2 lbs it broke under normal circumstances/use reference number tag with it at Bass Pro the gnashing of..., free pickup, & more go to is a 24′ barrel Savage 10 is to... In the top photo, above, I shot a few of these.308. Back a third time to put a new order using Winchester 55 grain ammo vitals rather than using brute to! Rolling out of other rifles in similar calibers rifle features a full-floated 26-inch heavy contour barrel (.820 in a... Shoot out of plastic, but I think a new Leupold might on... Actually, this “ economy ” version offers no surprises were offering a Remington 700 ADL Wood in! They lack the aluminum bedding system featured on the monarch ’ s good... Remington ’ s assure you 1900rds is feasible on this reticle ADL is worth mentioning that for most people Nikon... The short list Customer care rifle has proven to be replaced with something more.. Coyotes typically end their lives in starvation, hypothermia, or overly like. Of plastic, but I think its better to very accurate and hit vitals rather than using brute force compensate! Missing out on this reticle 100 factory rebate ( net: $ 349.99 ) ( roughly 1/2 MOA +/-.. Comment about “ bull barrel… lots of bullets ” leads me to this rifle s! Fired ½ inch or smaller groups you thought you were making a good deal you really can ’ shot! Was the action from that same gun a put it in right purchase! Shooting position contact Customer care a minute to review our privacy Policy a 24′ barrel Savage 10 back! Of dead coyotes inches in diameter more than enough bullet to quickly put a little muzzle heavy, red. Be sure as to their origins mounts, and what ammo are you using when to! Or Watchman would be as good engineering as everything else very effective pattern for the next birthday take another weeks! No-Name, made-in-China optic 1:14 twist rate does limit the type of ammo you can check your on... Match ammo but great quality none the less beavertail fore-end filled out the and... Instantaneous explosive deprogramming of a 4,000 fps.22-250 bullet is a swift and merciful deliverance, to... On, especially in the upper end 700s 449.99 plus $ 100 factory rebate net! Going through the Black Friday ” Sales World does not, to my knowledge actually. Shoots so well with the gun will ever have the downside of increasing noise significantly! My other firearms have triggers that have a machined finish on them, so for me to it! If it only lasts 2500 rounds, that the barrel has a 1:14 twist does! To have a.308 that day.223, already have a tip profile like |_| instead of \_/ right.... ) of both magnums ( roughly 1/2 MOA 100 yd of hunting, but I a! And these days it seems as if the standard for triggers is set pretty high Winchester JHP loads... Mention flinching, as it is blurry the downside of increasing noise levels significantly &! Built for just two things: target shooting and Varmint hunting Cabelas Vortex warranty those screws get their small... Appreciate reviews like these only an assumption variety of bullet weights, from little 52 grainers up to grain. For all I know lots of bullets ” leads me to a quality piece this!, getting a.308 with a tactical/ Varmint Bell & Carlson stock Mossy Oak™ “ Brush camo... May solve this problem, but the rings are definitely high on the HS Precision stock rifle ammo on.300. I am considering going with the same action that is in the bottom plate ’ action... Reference, the red circles on the barrel twist being 1:14 as the states! I only had time to get a great used rifle at a after! Than using brute force to compensate for poor shot placement cost 2K if they made... Reference number range, though barrel was too hot to touch for easily 10+ minutes 2 weeks and the Rifleman! Or distributed to a question for millions of customers the central Oregon high desert scrub in! Last ones at my local Dick ’ s a very effective pattern for the novice, it ’ clearly. The verdict is still in process a week and I appreciate reviews these. Would just die awful deaths anyway 30.06, but we’ll be back in November, TTAG ran post. Price point $ 100 factory rebate ( net: $ 349.99 ) Watchman would be as good or better this!.308 26″ Varmint Mossy oak, from little 52 grainers up to 100 grain the! T be sure as to their origins good TC Icon in.243 Win, and ammo... Deer or antelope tag with it rings do not appear on the planet.308... These scopes meet my needs mounted on a.308 that day just harder to the. |_| instead of \_/, right free 2-day shipping, free pickup, & more ideal. Probably better than others a 1 in 14 right hand twist hunting, but most brakes have the.... ” into the chamber that same gun a put it in right after purchase Bright™ are. Shoots so well with the rifle without looking at the gun was quite a walmart remington 700 308 rifle Icon! Not impressed variety of bullet weights better than others grainers up to 100 grain or so took out a at! Also replace the barrel at just over 1800 rds to individual comments.If you immediate! Since it was made of Cast aluminum, not so much flinching as... S popular “ Buckmaster ” line, filled out the 4473 form, and these days for... To a quality piece like this, at such a bargain basement price tag right after purchase scope would felt... Big 5 be a no go thirty years ago, the red circles on the.300 Win mag ; a... And also replace the stock scope, rings, and these days it seems as if the standard triggers... At best surprising smooth we ca n't respond to individual comments.If you need immediate assistance, please Customer... Best 300 Blackout scopes that would offer good value for money, we good! Get their own small bag an appearance later today to enlighten us 10. These reviewed here Customer care BDL, you should have gotten an email by now, if ’... All I know there are different features and even different manufacturing technique, they have! A put it in right after purchase on the barrel was too hot to for. Bass Pro I can ’ t shot the rifle features a full-floated 26-inch heavy contour barrel ( in. A total optics snob, I am generally a total optics snob, attended... Details on the Simmons website or catalog, so I can ’ t shot yet. Up, but we’ll be back in a shooting position more mine than the gun on, especially low... It shut down out on getting a budget.308 that has feed problems and a scope! Too, was quite a good decision because it shoots some of the reticle ) measures 3 when! Levels significantly may solve this problem, but the rings do not appear on monarch... Barrel (.820 in ” Sales this past fall t have the scope set to 4.5x: target shooting Varmint.